Custom Marine Tanks


Custom Marine TanksReplacing a marine tank can be a frustrating project but you will not have to worry about the quality of the tank itself when you have Luther’s fabricate your tank.

We have an extensive archive of drawings that are filed in our system by the boat make, model and size.  Let us know which style boat you have and we can get you an estimate on a new tank.  If we do not have the tank you require on file we will make it a bit easier for you to receive an estimate with the following tips…..

#1 – Determine which tank is being replaced and what material you will be using.  At Luther’s we specialize in marine grade stainless steel, steel alloys as well as aluminum.

#2 – Measure the old tank.  If the old tank is not available, measure the space availability.

    ** You can bring us the old tank to duplicate.  Give us a call to find out if we have a representative in your area that can pick up the old tank and deliver the new tank.   There must be no fuel or waste in any tanks we receive for duplication.
    ** If you would like to have the old tank modified, simply mark the old tank accordingly with a permanent marker and our engineer will call you to discuss the modifications.
    ** Please allow around 3” of space to accommodate the fitting height when considering modifications of existing tanks.
    ** It is beneficial to create a template from cardboard or plywood.  This allows you to place or slide the template into the space and see if there is anything that needs adjusting.
    ** When measuring for fitting locations use the center of each fitting.
#3 – Complete our request form here, which allows us to get you an estimate for your project.  

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at 401-253-5550 or email us at  We would be happy to help in any way that we can to make this project flow smoothly from start to finish.

Luther’s has been specializing in the fabrication of marine tanks for over 45 years.  All of our tanks are fabricated to the A.B.Y.C. and the US Coast Guard regulations.  We use marine grade material and our drawing are created with Solidworks.  Our engineering department will base the layout of the material to allow for as many bends as possible. 

Once a final drawing is approved by you, the tank shape and fitting locations are CNC cut where needed and then the material is sent to be bent.  Our certified welders will place baffles in areas that are determined based on a safety factor criteria and the tank takes form on their benches.  Once it is welded complete and the fittings are in place it is sent into the final stage of testing.

Our testing procedure is documented with a test report for each tank.  Each tank receives a serial number and the whole process is attested by a second person.  Our testing process begins by filling the tank with air pressure and checking each seam with a bubble solution.  We pressure test to 5# psi and each tank will sit overnight after the bubble solution testing is complete to make sure the pressure does not drop.
Before the tank leaves our facility it is inspected by a family member to ensure that the tank meets the standard required to place our label on it.

NOTE:  If your boat is a boat for hire or a subchapter “T” vessel the procedure needs to be inspected by the US Coast Guard and the process of fabrication is different.  We work directly with the coast guard for these tanks and the coast guard will come in to inspect the tanks personally.  If you have a boat that requires this process give our office a call to discuss the process.