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Custom steel lift Tabs manufactured for the Swimming Pool Industry

Custom Tabs used in the Swimming Pool Industry
Custom Tabs used in the Swimming Pool Industry

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The project highlighted here was designed and fabricated for a manufacturer of swimming pools. Our background providing products for the harsh environments of the marine industry put us in good stead to accommodate the rigors of chlorination and exposure to the elements that this product would see. From the customer supplied specifications we developed a CAD design in SolidWorks. Final dimensions were 3" in length and width, and 3.5" in height, with 4 .44" diameter holes. The tabs are composed of a hot rolled angle steel, this preformed shape made additional forming unnecessary, driving down the overall cost of the item. The angle steel was cut on our band saw, and then moved onto one of our CNC machining centers. Once all of the features were machined, the sections were welded by one of our ABS certified welders. All of the parts were then subject to visual and dimensional inspections. After a thorough cleaning we applied a powder coat finish, which made the parts impermeable to corrosion.

At Luther’s Welding & Fabrication we specialize in customer service, this project was for only 4 finished parts but received the same level of attention as 4000 pieces. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to fabricate it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Lift Tab Fabrication Highlights

Product Description
Lift Tabs For Pools
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • CAD Design (SolidWorks)
  • Cut
  • Machined
  • Powder Coated
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Band Saw
  • CNC Machining center
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 3"
Width: 3"
Height: 3.5"
Diameter Holes: 0.44" (4X)
Material Used
Hot Rolled Steel Angle
Industry for Use
Swimming Pool
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing
ABS Welding Certifications
Product Name
Lift Tabs

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