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Custom display bases for the Architectural industry

Custom display bases for the Architectural industry
Custom display bases for the Architectural industry

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Although Luther's Welding & Fabrications specializes in the marine industry, but we also produce custom metal fabrication products for customers in many other industries. One example of a non-marine application is this custom bases plate assembly for an architectural art display.

This 21.75” high bases plate assembly needed to be constructed of stainless steel type 304L because of its ability to retain its appearance, which is necessary for an outdoor art display. It also excels in its durability against a wide range of environmental elements and corrosive media, especially the kind these art displays will be exposed to in the Bristol, Rhode Island winters and summers.

Our engineering team reviewed the 2D CAD drawings and modeled the display structure using SolidWorks. Our highly skilled operators and machinists then sheared, beveled, machined and pressed the 2 main stainless steel plates and reinforcing flat bars. Many of our advanced CNC machining centers were used for the manufacturing process, such as a CNC plasma cutter and our 135 ton press brake.

Luther's team goes the extra mile when it comes to surface finish and performance by welding to exacting specifications. These 10 bases plate structures were constructed to meet specified tolerances of +.06/-.00. Our quality inspection process guarantees you receive the precision welding you would expect from ABS welding certified TIG welders.

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Custom Display Bases Fabrication Highlights

Product Description
Bases Plates Assembly for Art Display Structure
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • CAD Design (SolidWorks)
  • Cut
  • Sheared
  • Beveled
  • Machined
  • Pressed
  • Welded
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC Plasma
Press Brake
Overall Part Dimensions
Height: 21.75"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Stainless Steel T304 Plate
Stainless Steel T304L Plate
Stainless Steel T304L Flat Bar
Industry for Use
Delivery Location
Bristol, RI
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing
ABS Welding Certifications

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